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A Gastroenterologist's Guide to Oral Health and Nutrition

oral health Nov 01, 2023

 As a gastroenterologist, it is not uncommon to receive a puzzled look from patients when they learn that there is a connection between your oral health and your gut microbiome.

The Menace of Sugars: A Dental Dilemma

In health, cavities are often perceived as a minor inconvenience. But the truth is even more surprising. It does not come as a shock that cavities make kids miss school. Cavities cause 51 million missed school hours each year. Untreated cavities can turn into painful dental abscesses, causing this problem.

As a healthcare professional, I aim to shed light on the long game regarding nutrition. It's normal to have stress when kids are home, but try not to overeat unhealthy food. Eating lots of sugar and processed foods can be very bad for you. In some cases, our bodies are very inflamed. We might only understand how our choices impact us once we attempt a detox. Then, we might have adverse reactions when we eat specific foods again.

Dietary Wisdom for the Long Haul

In my work, I stress the importance of thinking about the future. Overeating sugary food and drinks can cause oral health problems. What is more of a concern to me is seeing parents not track how much sugar is in drinks like Gatorade. This drink is said to replace electrolytes, but it has a lot of sugar and can cause cavities. 

Small Changes, Big Impact: Ways to Reduce Sugar Intake in Kids

Now, let's look at practical tips for parents who want to reduce the sugar their children eat. We want healthier options like sliced cucumbers, carrots, and other veggies. The goal is to ensure that wholesome choices are the most accessible choices. Parents should consider their broader dietary goals, even if some crackers are included.

Healthy fats in nuts, avocados, and yogurt play a pivotal role in promoting gut health. Focusing on fiber and healthy fats and proteins helps create a balanced diet. Yogurt companies use bright packages and fake colors to make kids think it's healthy. I support plain, organic Greek, or regular yogurt. Parents should check the ingredients and choose wisely.

Bacteria in the Mouth: The Sugar Metabolism Process

To understand how sugar affects our teeth, we must know how mouth bacteria break it down. The acid makes enamel soft and helps bacteria grow. Sticky sugars are especially risky, so taking good care of your teeth is essential.

Educational Shifts: Tips for Parents Starting Out

For parents embarking on this journey, vegetables can be a powerful ally. Kids can enjoy healthy eating using veggies for dips like yogurt, hummus, or guacamole. Keep pre-cut veggies in the fridge and involve children to make meal planning easier. This helps create a strong bond with healthy eating.

Beyond Sodas: The Gatorade Myth

We all know sodas are full of sugar, but we must look beyond them. Again, many parents give their children excessive Gatorade, believing it benefits their electrolyte levels. However, these drinks have excessive amounts of sugar. They can also cause cavities to grow.

Always remember you must eat well, make good choices, and stay committed to caring for your mouth and body. As you make dietary choices, remember that small changes lead to a healthy life. Cheers to making informed choices that resonate with your family's well-being!


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