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This page is a collection of the various media appearances, interviews, articles, podcasts, and guest speaking engagements I've been featured in. My expertise often extends far beyond the confines of the clinic.

How Healers Heal

I'm honored to have participated as a co-author in this book. All Co-Authors are Board-Certified in Lifestyle Medicine by the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine or the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine in addition to their primary specialty of Medicine.

Did you know the adult obesity rate is 41.9% and the child obesity rate is 19.7% in the United States, according to the CDC? Did you know that obesity-related diseases can be reversible and treatable without medications? Did you know that healthcare professionals are more likely to experience burnout than any other profession? Have you heard of Lifestyle Medicine and how it can be a solution for burnout? Do you wonder how people turn their lives around and how you can do the same?

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