Say Hello to a Healthier You

Healthy Roots Coaching was established in 2022 to bridge the gap between medical recommendations and real-life behavioral change by harnessing the collective strength of our clients. With our extensive experience and innovative approach, we are leaders in our field, successfully guiding YOU toward a healthier and happier life. 

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Group Coaching from Supriya Rao, MD, and Gina Kelley, NP

Healthy Roots Coaching exclusively offers group coaching, creating a supportive and motivating environment for our clients. Why groups? We have learned from years of experience that true transformation often requires a collaborative effort and a community of like-minded -individuals. Our approach is simple yet powerful. We've seen firsthand how when evidence-based knowledge and proven behavior-change strategies are combined and delivered in a supportive community, lasting change is indeed possible. 

Client-Centered Care

You are the expert in your life

We believe you are the expert in your life. Our coaching goals are centered around your personal goals, needs, and aspirations.

Whole-Person Health

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We address all pillars of health, from nutrition to stress management, physical activity, sleep, relationships, and more.

Group Synergy

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Our group coaching model allows clients to learn from one another, share experiences, and build confidence that fosters growth.

Why work with us?

 We have combined over 20 years of clinical experience and share expertise in gastroenterology, obesity medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine. We have successfully offered group coaching in the clinical setting for years, helping hundreds of patients transform their lives. Through Healthy Roots Coaching, you too can now benefit from this unique model of Care. 

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